The Art of Wood Carving – The Basics

Wood carving is an old art that’s been practiced from generation to generation. It is carving sculptures and figures out of wood. Wood carving would entail skilled hands and sharp blade that can cut through a piece of wood, bit by bit while creating a figure from a slab to something creative.

Safety Gears in wood carving

Any project that makes use of tools that may cut through your skin, it is essential to have the necessary protective gear. In wood carving the most basic protective gear are gloves, thumb guard, and goggles. You want to protect your hands from the sharp blades of your knife and thus the gloves and the thumb guard. And while carving your way through, you want to protect your eyes from the chips of wood that fly off from the wood being carved and thus the goggles.

Wood carving tools

The video below will present to you traditional wood carving tools to use. Although, in this modern days, carvers have learned how to use electric devices such as best electric log splitter and chain saws in their art work.

The 4 basic cuts in wood carving

Carving calls for 4 basic cuts used in many wood arts. The push cut, the pearing cut, the stop cut, and the v cut. All these cuts are controlled cuts that will help the carver create a wood carved project. The basic cuts are described further below.

Beginning Woodcarving Techniques 

Just like any art, there are various techniques that can make you better at your chosen art. The video below will show you wood carving techniques for beginners.

Carving is essentially a great art shown in every culture of the world. Those who have mastered the art have recorded history depicting their generation’s traditions. With the birth of new technology, the art of wood carving has become known through out the world.