Queen's University, Kingston


MFO Canadian Contingent (Corporal Jeremy Duff)

Terms of Engagement: Averns, feldman-kiss, Stimson

Samuel J. Zacks, Contemporary Feature and Davies Foundation Galleries
26 April–10 August 2014

The Canadian Forces Artists Program (CFAP) was launched in 2001 to embed artists alongside Canadian troops. Unlike earlier official war art programs, CFAP does not exhibit or collect the work produced by artists who volunteer for the privileged access it offers...

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Cap Mask of the Gelede Society

Protection and Social Harmony in the Art of West and Central Africa

African Gallery
21 September 2013–6 December 2015

Objects used as instruments of protection and social harmony are found in many African societies. The Cap Mask of the Gelede Society, pictured here, was commissioned for an annual festival to honour "Our...

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Wedding Dress

Artful Dressing: The Fashion of Agnes Etherington

R. Fraser Elliot Gallery
21 June–9 November 2014

Agnes Etherington is best remembered at Queen’s University for her passionate love and patronage of art. Her contributions to the burgeoning art program at Queen’s from the 1920s to 1950s...

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Spring, Algonquin Park

Mind, Heart and Spirit: The Queen's University Art Foundation

Historical Feature Gallery
10 May–9 November 2014

The ministrations of art are for the mind, the heart and the spirit. They contribute to a unified life...
When Principal Robert C. Wallace wrote these words in 1944, he was referring to Queen’s University’s nascent but promising art collection and the dedicated group that made it happen. Five years earlier...

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Rembrandt's Circle: Making History

Bader Gallery
1 February–7 December 2014

Curator: Dr Stephanie Dickey, Bader Chair in Northern Baroque Art, Queen's University, with students from Topics in Northern Renaissance & Baroque Art (Art History 446)

One of Rembrandt's chief preoccupations was creating images that tell stories from history, mythology and the Bible. He studied this specialty and went on to communicate his insights to...

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Kingston Pen

Intimate Views: The Watercolours of Nan Yeomans

Frances K. Smith Gallery
22 March–10 August 2014

Local artist Nan Yeomans (1923-2004) is known for printmaking, particularly etching, which predominated later in her career. In 1989, to mark that distinction,the Agnes held the exhibition A Personal Point of View: Prints by Nan Yeomans. The artist's oeuvre, however, also reveals an early talent...

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