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We feature a range of contemporary and historical exhibitions and exciting public programs throughout the year. Bookmark this site and check it regularly for updates and added content.

At its best, an art gallery is a node of creative life in the community, bridging past, present and future. As much as we treasure the traditions that have shaped us, their true vitality is measured by their capacity to engage with the present. With this in mind, over the past several months, I have been working with staff to shape a new Agnes identity and extended online presence for the gallery. This process of intensive discussion and investigation has sparked new avenues for sharing our research and collections. Visitors will soon notice changes in our physical and virtual spaces and signage, outriders of new graphics under development with our design team, Studio: Blackwell. In another signal change, we are now able to extend free admission to Queen’s faculty and staff, while retaining free entry for all on Thursdays. For updates and “sneak peeks” follow us on our website.

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